Northern Ireland Bridal Shops – Frequently Asked Questions

Northern Ireland Bridal Shops recommends the following frequently asked questions that you should discuss with your bridal shop consultant:

1. Do you cater for a range of styles from traditional to modern wedding dresses?
2. Can you alter certain dresses to match ones I have seen in magazine photographs?
3. Do you provide a consultancy service recommending dresses that suit my shape, size and height?
4. Do you have a single dealership contract or can you supply different designers and manufacturers garments?
5. Do you have a budget range of dresses?
6. Do you have a professional fitting service?
7. Do you operate an appointment only service?
8. Do you charge for alterations?
9. How long does it take from order to final delivery?
10. What percentage of the price is neede for a deposit?
11. Do you have a credit scheme?
12. Do you recommend matching accessories?
13. Can you save an off the peg dress for me?
14. What is your returns policy?
15. Can I take photographs in the shop?
16. Can I order my own choice of fabric?
17. Do you have a brochure that I can take home with me?
18. Do you supply wedding maternity dresses?
19. Do you supply bridesmaid dresses?
20. Do you hire wedding dresses?

There are probably a lot more questions you need to ask. If you think of any more please leave a comment.

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