Northern Ireland Bridal Shops – Wedding on a Budget?

Since you were a little girl, the one thing you have been dreaming about is your wedding day. Walking down the aisle, your proud father’s arm linking to yours, with your flowing white dress and posy of flowers, you dream of the perfect day.

Now the day is nearly upon you. You are engaged and planning all the details which will ensure your future happiness. The only dark cloud is the cost of it all. Weddings these days are far from cheap and you only have so much money to work with. This has not only got to cover all your clothes and accessories but also the fees for your reception, flowers, videographer, photographer and a host of less significant outgoings.

Typically your budget will restrict you from spending a five figure sum on a designer dress, and even if it did, you may choose to allocate more of your funds to a professional video or a Caribbean honeymoon rather than on a dress which you will only wear once.

No matter what your budget everybody loves a bargain and with some research you can find significant savings. Northern Ireland Bridal Shops are happy to share with you a number of methods to find the perfect bridal wear and accessories at prices that will not break the bank.

The most efficient way to ensure you have help with all the options available ranging from styles and colours to sizes and fabrics is to use the services of a bridal boutique wedding planner. They can guide you through their stock so you can initially make a note of the styles you prefer. Remember that the photograph you saw in your latest bridal magazine may not suit your personal attributes.

Wedding dresses on average are at least one size larger than your normal dress size and this could vary up to three times larger dependent on the individual designer. Although most bridal shops will not divulge the actual ‘style’ name of a particular dress they should let you know the designer’s name if you ask. See which designers or manufacturers you prefer before making your final choice. It is wise to purchase the dress first, making sure that it is a generous fit. It is always easier to let in later rather than make it bigger. Buying the dress first will enable you to co-ordinate your accessories such as shoes , veil and hair decorations. Always check with your bridal shop as to whether they have any promotions on or whether they have any cancelled or discontinued stock. Sometimes these can represent a huge saving by allowing the boutique to clear their racks.

There are a number of Bridal Shops in Northern Ireland that cater for second hand garments and accessories. They generally only take in previously worn dresses that are in excellent condition, have been dry cleaned and are of current styles. Alterations are usually carried out for you by the bridal shop itself making this service excellent value for couples on a tight budget.

These days the internet is also a good option for bargains. If you are specifically looking for a used dress Almost New Wedding Dresses is a good choice or you may even get lucky and find a never worn dress on Ebay. Just remember that with an online order you will have to arrange all the alterations yourself when your dress arrives.
Northern Ireland Bridal Shops can generally arrange for other services in addition to supplying you with your wedding dress and accessories. Some shops have reciprocal links to photographers, limousine hire companies and florists enabling you to negotiate a discount for using the shop’s other suppliers. Looking for a number of bargains can be financially rewarding especially when you realise what savings you have made and still look perfect for your big day.

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